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Creating Wealth through Property Investment

Financial Consultancy

Sound Investments in property are without a doubt the most valuable assets you can have. Income from rental properties will enable you to save for your retirement or just enjoy the lifestyle that a little wealth provides. Our team at FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES can provide sound financial advice plus sourcing of home loans and insurance designed to make getting started with property investment much easier. One of the best ways to create wealth and financial freedom is through rental guaranteed property. Your goal should be to purchase several rental properties so you can live off   the regular income stream when you decide to retire.

Financial Consultancy Services work with many top lenders. This gives us the ability to find the right loan for our clients at the lowest possible interest rate and costs. Finding the loan that meets your needs instead of being convinced that you must accept the loan that meets the needs of the lender. We can source some of the best home loan and investment rates on your behalf.

How much does it cost ?

We are paid by the lenders in fact we will normally save you money because of our ability to shop not only for the best loan, but for the best loan with the lowest interest rate and/or costs.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss solutions for your financial needs, whether that be the purchase of

  • Property – Residential  - Commercial
  • Equipment -- for your business
  • Finance – or consolidation of your finances
  • Refinancing – or restructuring  of existing debts
  • We have access to commercial properties with a guaranteed 7% net return for 5 years +
  • We  have access to Residential property with a guaranteed 4.5% net return for 5 years +
  • We have properties for sale here and overseas
  • We have many profitable businesses for sale

The Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning Industry have adopted the definitions of financial planning as: "Financial Planning is the process of providing advice and assistance to a client for the purpose of achieving the client's goals"

Financial Planning is a comprehensive process that encompasses and integrates the following:

  • Investments
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Superannuation / Retirement planning
  • Taxation
  • Estate Planning

Financial Consultancy Services follow these steps of the financial planning process:

  • Collection and assessment of personal and financial data
  • Identification of goals and objectives
  • Identification of financial problems
  • The provision of a written report with written recommendations
  • The coordination, placement and implementation of personalised recommendations
  • The provision of regular monitoring, reviews and planning updates
Financial Planning

All information will be held in the strictest confidence. Information provided by you may be used to provide recommendations that are specific to your stated financial goals and objectives, It is therefore essential that this information be current and accurate.

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