Network Marketing

Building a Passive Income stream through Network Marketing


  1. Help eliminate debt

  2. Spend more time with your family

  3. Add to your retirement savings

  4. Take a longer vacation

  5. Help save for a rainy day

  6. Pay off your mortgage quicker

  7. Be a stay-at-home parent or allow your spouse to stay at home

  8. Earn additional money to help you buy the car or home of your dreams

  9. Enjoy valuable tax savings

Why are so many Accountants & Financial Consultants successful in Network Marketing?

When Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) receives such a lot of bad press - why do Accountants and Financial Advisors continue to join Network Marketing businesses?

May I suggest that successful financial managers and sales people are better equipped than most to evaluate MLM opportunities, they understand five key factors involved in successful network marketing businesses.

  • A network marketing home-based business must be managed like any other business. It requires some initial investment, a reasonable period of time and some serious effort to see it grow. Legitimate MLM business opportunities are definitely not get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Accountants, Financial Consultants and other money managers understand how the numbers stack up (or multiply) when assessing a compensation plan. These people can identify which compensation plans offer excellent income potential and those that are not so generous. Accountants and financial managers won’t invest their time and effort in a MLM company's home based business that doesn’t offer an excellent return on their investment (ROI).
  • They know network marketing involves building personal relationships, after all this is a key factor in their regular businesses as financial advisors or accountants. As a rule these people are not shy, they are happy to approach potential clients with a sense of confidence that they have something of value to share.
  • Successful financial consultants and investment advisors accept rejection as part of their everyday life in business. Their advice is often rejected more frequently than it is accepted, however they know there’s often a big return to be gained from the smaller number of acceptances. Professional Sales people also accept rejection as part of their daily routine. No MLM scheme or product will suit everybody. Financial consultants and many other successful business people have developed strategies for maintaining a positive approach to prospective clients, no matter how many times they get the response, “No thanks!”
  • Finally, most people that work in the financial sector have a strong work ethic. They understand too well that hard work pays off. Compared to many average people starting out in Network Marketing who get discouraged and give up too early (when they don’t see big returns within the first couple of months) experienced financial managers and business people are prepared to work at it longer and make it successful.

network marketing

If you are willing to follow the lead of successful business people (like Accountants, Financial Advisors and Investment Brokers) and learn some basic business skills then you have a very good chance of building a profitable home based business.

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