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Financial Security can easily be found in Rental Guarantees...

What is a Rental Guarantee?

There’s an investment wave in the field of property investments that has tremendous potential for building wealth and security. Rental guarantee is a type of insurance Rental Guaranteedthat provides income protection for landlords. A landlord has many expenses and these expenses must be paid even if the landlord isn’t receiving rent payments because of the tenants’ neglect or inability to pay or if the property is unoccupied. The rent income received is heavily depended upon to assist with paying most, if not all expenses.

What Does a Rental Guarantee Offer?

A rental guarantee offers assurance that landlords will receive their monthly rent payments whether or not rent payments are being received on the property. Some of the benefits provided are as follows:
Rent payments on the specified property are guaranteed to be paid to the owner every month for a stipulated period of time;
The Guarantor will manage the property with no management and/or advertising fees deducted from the guaranteed monthly rent payments;
Under the agreement, maintenance and VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) fees are covered with a generous limit which should easily insure the owner has absolutely none of these costs during the guaranteed period;
Having this guarantee increases the value of the landlord’s lease, a rent guarantee can be used as leverage to borrow money that can be used for other investments or to fulfil other intentions landlords may have;
Landlord insurance and a tax depreciation reports are included at no cost to the landlords; and
The Guarantor has display homes for viewing purposes with all relevant inclusions and owners will have complete access to guidance and support throughout and beyond the term of the agreement.

The Benefits of Real Estate Rental Investments

Owning properties and leasing these properties out provides a steady stream of income for the landlords. In spite of the fact that property and home values can Rental Investmentdecrease during certain periods of time, rent income can remain the same and if the tenants are satisfied with their surroundings and the rent they’re paying, it’s more likely they will opt to stay rather than leave their homes. This, along with the fact that rent payments won't usually decrease, offers a reasonable assurance that landlords can depend on a continual cash flow. Other benefits are as follows:

When property owners spend money to improve their properties’ in appearance and functional capabilities, this can be a significant investment not only because it will attract renters who are willing to pay to live there, but also because upgrades will increase the value of the properties. This assures a better selling price when the owners decide to sell;
As owners continue to pay down their mortgages, the increase of equity in their properties can be used to invest in other properties or other types of investments; and
Although property appreciation is currently operating at a slower pace, owners and investors should eventually be able to once again rely on the steady increases in the value of their properties as an exceptional source of profit.


It’s wonderful to own properties that supply income for its owners. However, between 

Rental Investment Conclusion

maintenance, possible repairs, tenants who are troublesome or negligent about paying rent, vacancies, and the standard expenses of property insurance and taxes, some landlords can find themselves in financially perilous positions.

Regardless of what type of troubles and expenses landlords may face, the property still has to be maintained and the mortgage still has to be paid. Before rental guarantees, owners and investors dealt directly with the management of their properties and tenants leaving them in potentially risky positions that could devastate them financially if the venture failed. Now, investors and landlords can have peace of mind when they invest with a rental guarantee because they will be secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens, they will have their guaranteed income needed to pay their bills. With rental guarantees, the Guarantor leases and manages the investment property for periods of 1 – 15 years, giving landlords ample time to focus on and manage their own finances.

Thus, with the support of rental guarantees, owners and investors have the opportunity to place the responsibility of direct management into the hands of real estate teams that specialise in the management and control of real estate properties while they continue to receive guaranteed income.

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